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Can I get loans on unemployment benefits with bad credit in Ireland?

Loans are available for varied needs and category of the borrowers. Thanks to the FinTech products that work on the advanced approach and offer people funds in various circumstances. The next generation of online lending has specialized loan products that support for specific terms and conditions. It is even friendly with the bad credit situation, which is like an added benefit for the borrowers.

Many people doubt whether they can get a loan while living on unemployment benefits with a poor credit score. If you have the same question, the answer is YES. You can get loans on unemployment benefits with bad credit in Ireland.

You can get unemployment loans on benefits with bad credit


Have a look at the terms and conditions to qualify for the loans on unemployment benefits. For the approval decision, one needs to take care of the following conditions.

Ample proof of unemployment benefits

You are applying for a loan product that is basically designed for unemployed people living on government benefits. It is the reason that you need to have ample proof of those benefits. Simpler terms and conditions are there, and they do not take much time. Just a few details and information and you can easily make sure that the next message you get after application submission is of ‘approved’.

  • The necessary documents and relatable details should be submitted at the time of application. This helps in faster verification of the essential information. The unemployment loans for those living on benefits normally have a higher approval rate.
  • Your creditworthiness is easy to prove when the application is backed-up by the genuine documents. The lender should get authentic answers on the part of creditworthiness during the loan process.
  • Without this, you cannot even imagine qualifying for the loans for unemployment benefits. The market can be flexible enough to offer funds to those without a job and living on benefits. However, this does not mean that you take the wrong meaning of that flexibility.

Try to show an income source

The loans on benefits can indeed be obtained only on the proof of government benefit. However, the loan amount matters a lot because if you want to borrow a larger amount, you may need to show bigger strength on the part of repaying capacity.

  • Any income source such as rental income, money from freelance work, or any other passive or active income source can work. It is good for your personal finances because you cannot expect to cover all the household expenses if you get eligible for a smaller amount.
  • If you want to borrow €2000 through loans for bad credit in Ireland on unemployment benefits, you can get easy approval. On the other hand, if you want to borrow €8,000 or more, you may need an additional income source.

Promising chances of unemployment after the benefit period get over

Unemployment benefits do not support your whole life, especially for younger people. There is a limit for government support. It is better that you also show to the lender that there are good chances of the employment.

  • Your loan tenure may continue after the unemployment period ends. How will you pay the instalments after that? There has to be the indication that soon you will get the job. The lender should not feel insecure on the part of the repayment capacity of the borrower.
  • The best thing is to show an appointment letter if you have qualified for a job. Nothing can work better than this, and you can expect fast approval. It is always the best way to make the finance company understand that there is no reason to underestimate the repayment capacity.
  • You can also start a part-time job if you believe that there are less or slight chances of getting a job. Your part-time job can change the game in your favour. Borrowing decisions should always be backed-up with the due strength on personal finances.

Conclusion with rational aspect  

Despite unemployment, you need to make the necessary arrangements to make repayments. It may sound like a bitter truth, but that is the reality. Just like you are insecure due to no job, the lender also needs to have some surety. Many people think that they can qualify for funds despite weaker finances after a job loss because they are applying for a loan.

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