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Credit Union Loans vs Loans from Online Lenders

Imagining life sans loans seems to be in our dreams. Even big corporations rely on loans for their business needs. Amid pandemic and economic uncertainties, it is quite complicated for ordinary people to stay afloat. If you need money to fund emergencies, you can prefer taking out credit union loans or loans from online lenders.

However, it often seems to choose between them because both have their own pros and cons. Some people prefer to take out loans for credit union and some prefer to borrow money from online lenders. It will be hard to state that which outweighs which. If you read this blog, you will find the differences in both credit union and online lenders.

Interest rates

Whether you borrow money from online lenders or credit union, no loan is regarded as a good loan if that carries higher interest rates. Most of the online lenders are notorious for charging high-interest rates.

However, if you pick a reputed lender, you will find that they offer loans at attractive interest rates. When you apply for a secured loan, interest rates plummet. Likewise, the credit union offers loans at very low-interest rates. The maximum interest rate credit unions can charge is 12.68% that is no more than 6% if you secure your loan. Credit card interest rates also vary between 12% and 24%.  

Loan options

Undoubtedly, credit unions offer loans at low-interest rates, but you cannot get a variety of funding options. Compared to credit unions, online lenders offer different types of loans. They are more flexible than credit unions. Mainstream lenders can consider your application even if your credit rating is poor.

They can lend you money if you are unemployed provided you have a side gig. They also have different credit card deals that are not usually available with credit unions. When it comes to flexible lending, credit unions act as a traditional lender.

Membership fees

When you apply for a loan with a lender, you do not have to pay upfront fees. However, when you borrow money from credit unions, you will have to pay a membership fee. It can go somewhere between €5 and €25.

Some credit unions will require you to pay down a deposit to open an account. The deposit amount may vary from the credit union to credit union. You can avoid paying such hefty membership fees if you borrow from an online lender.


When you borrow money from a direct lender, you know that you have to pay off the debt on time. If you fall behind the repayment, you will end up paying interest penalties and late payment fees. However, when you borrow money from the credit union, it is essential to check if it is insured. Not all credit unions are insured. If they are not insured, you are taking on a lot of risks.

Poor technology

Credit unions are non-profit organizations, which are one of the significant reasons for providing loans at lower interest rates. Still, if you look at the other side, they do not have money to put toward technology. Banks and lenders have their own website.

You can get details about all types of loans, and you can apply for them by just filling out the application form. Since lenders use advanced technology, they can quickly assess your applications and make a decision. Credit unions do not have features like mobile apps, online banking, and the like.

It is hard to tell straightway that credit union is better than online lenders and vice-versa. It is essential to figure out what you can afford and what suits you for borrowing money. Each option has its pros and cons. No matter whether you borrow money from credit unions or online lenders, you must check your affordability.

A rule of thumb says that you should not borrow money more than you need. Otherwise, you will eventually fall into a vicious circle of debt. Take stock of your financial condition, create a budget, track your spending, build an emergency cushion, and invest money wisely. If you make the most of your money, you will not need a loan to fund your regular expenses and do not fall in a debt cycle if you need it.

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