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Travelling in Ireland and other significant parts of Europe is well connected with various public transport systems. With their timeless and seamless services of trains, tubes, and light rails and trams, the requirement of a personal car is not much.

People whose workplaces are situated far off, changing multiple trains and buses not only consumes a lot of time but also leads to stress levels. Therefore, many people are opting to purchase cars for ease in travelling to and fro from work to home.

Purchasing a car in the Irish regions is not at all easy. With the first high end and luxurious car makers selling its top versions of vehicles all over the country, purchasing one of the best preference is too tricky.

Costly are cars to purchase and the major of the masses after fulfilling their basic needs do not have enough for the full payment of the purchase price of the vehicle.

Some amount of savings might be able to meet at least around 15 – 20% of the initial purchase price. What about the rest amount of the payments? As the adage states, where there is a problem, there is also the right solution for it. That is making use of car financing.

Car financing or car loans are prevalent in the Irish region. Many people make use of this type of loans either for making use of the car for a specified period or for the entire purchase itself.

There are certain things that one must be careful of before deciding the type of finance agreement and signing the same.


Below mentioned are some of the points to be considered before deciding to car finance: 


Before any significant decision on the type of car is made, one should think twice as to one’s affordability. After liking a car, pondering over the amount required for its regular use in the form of running costs, etc. one has to think of in advance itself.

As many luxury versions of car warrant lots of expenses on its various types of oiling and maintenance as well. After the loan has been taken, repaying its instalment after the regular monthly expenditure may become quite difficult to bear.

So having a good plan beforehand it will enable smooth and stable repayments without any scope for defaults. Additionally, thinking about future job prospects in terms of maintaining the same level of income should also be considered. 


Which type of agreement to be entered into should be decided very cautiously?

Many people want to keep the option of returning the car after a certain period of switching to a better or new vehicle. Thus for them, the PCP agreement works very well.

However, this personal contract purchase has its high amounts to be paid at the end as balloon amount, which one must be wary of. It is not the case with Hire Purchase Agreements (HP). 

Hire Purchase contracts are straightforward to understand, without any complications, and the borrower will only have to pay the instalments regularly.

In this, the option for not purchasing the car after a particular time does not arise at all. The whole vehicle has been obtained from the very onset of the agreed time.


Many people make this mistake of calculating the amount that one will have to pay every month, regularly. However, the aspect of the APR and the time duration of the servicing of the loan is also crucial.

Many times, after deciding one’s affordability based on this monthly calculation, the actual amount after interest tends to be way too higher. Moreover, this creates problems in making repayments on time.

Therefore, carefully calculating the APR along with the number of years, one can ascertain the precise amount to be paid monthly, etc. 


When a person goes to purchase anything, the need for bargaining is apparent, and negotiations start a sits very common. Many people wonder the same when it comes to making use of loan deals finance.

Car finances are not only provided by the car dealers but also by the leading finance companies, and thus this aspect should not restrict people from making efforts to get the best deal.

A person should decide to a lender or dealer only after making a thorough evaluation of the APR rates and other terms. The chances are very high that dealers or loan companies may agree for a suitable APR or even any additional better repayment amount.

The most appealing part of living in Ireland is that its Government and other bodies assist significantly in the overall welfare of the public.

In this realm, many very affordable and flexible Car finance in Ireland is available.

It is to access to all people from all economic strata and for the masses with varying degrees of credit scores. The offerings of these online lenders are just too good to apply for. 

People unable to furnish any type of guarantee or collateral or even having debts to be paid off can make use of these fundings easily without many formalities.  

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