Christmas celebration in Church

Designing replica of Christmas celebration in Church at home

No matters what kind of work at the office or with other things of life you have during Christmas weeks, the priority is to assemble the tricky things at home especially when it comes to celebrating Christmas and throwing a party in the swing of delight.

Recently, two days ago, I was dwelling at my urban apartment, discussing with my friends who are also my colleagues at my office, about daily life works and holding meetings with the boss before Christmas celebrations.

One of my friends, sitting beside me, received a call from the boss and informed us that boss is now feeling relaxed with the targets he aimed to complete by the end of this year, he praised all of us for doing best for the company, though he is not of this kind, we survived the admirations.

The boss has also exclaimed to conduct a Christmas party at his home, and he needs a bit of our presence at his home to make decorations for the party. Our boss is still a bachelor, living alone in his luxury apartment for around 15 years since his start-up and now having no concerns for it.

He likes to live alone, do charity for poor and even help his employees in the time of need. He is a very kind-hearted person as well as bossy and strict when he plays his character at his office. Then no one has the valour to speak before him.

Through this blog, I will be sharing my experience of holding preparations for celebrating Christmas at my boss’s home and how did it go to get a great reaction of the boss. Here I am also confessing the financial help; I took from external sources to cover the cost of the whole procedure.

Decorated Boss’s apartment

As I have already mentioned that my boss has commanded us to start with Christmas decorations in his living space and conduct all inputs in the Christmas party. Now we all have another official work to adorn the elegance of our boss’s house to meet up his happiness with us on such a great day.

We had no idea what to add or subtract to remake the overall look of the apartment. Actually, the task was different from the earlier one and seemed more difficult as all of us were illiterate in terms of decorating a home for Christmas.

By illustrating the ideas about creative decorations, we concluded that we all should make an effort to make a replica of church interiors during Christmas at home. This will fulfil the idea of attending Church during Christmas songs and prayers while sitting at home with full religious feeling. 

This idea came into my mind as, during my childhood, my mother used to create and embellish the home atmosphere in the colour and lights of Christmas celebrations. She used to make us wear new clothes, feasting a huge turkey and feeding others who are starving and helping them with woollen clothes.

My colleagues even liked this very own idea, and we started to execute our plans on the ground reality. After two days of sharing the thoughts for the replica now the time came to position them and playing creatively with the decorative elements.

We were out of our homes and spent two more days at the boss’s house. The boss had to attend a meeting in Wales, and then we all had a good time to make our plans possible without his interventions and no idea what were we attempting to please his highness, our boss.

Financial help

Obviously, we had to make arrangements for the work in which we had no experience, so we had to take help from outsiders who were professional in artistry and party organizers. The expenses were very high as per the demand of great celebrations which can be eagerly attempted at any cost.

We had to have the help as the means of financial help retaining from external sources in the form of loans. All we could take provident loans in Ireland from direct lenders in the UK.

They are very helpful in managing the expenses by just offering us loans without any personal considerations and conditions. This was the financial help we generated at very low-interest rates and with flexible timings for making refunds.

The final moment

We were all set to welcome our boss at his own residence on the Christmas Eve. He entered without even any idea what he was about to see and when he laid his step through the main entrance of the apartment.

We could see and feel the happiness drifting in his heart and smiled at us. He got amazed to see what we had done to his house and burst finally burst his happiness before us and call for a group hug. He could not utter any word of making appraisal to our work, but his gifts showed the affection he had for all of us, for his entire team.

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